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Remember Bucha

it’s an emotional roller coaster but I pray the world will be willing to listen to the stories of the people in Ukraine and what they have been put through, and still are going through, in this horrible war. Remember Bucha, the torture and assassinations that shook the world. Here’s the devastating truth, it’s not just Bucha. We have traveled through many of the small villages these past few days, and the stories we hear is so terrifying and barbaric, you want to scream out in anger and frustration at the top of your lungs, and at the same time embrace these victims who lived this, hold them, hug them and just praise them from staying so strong, for still breathing and for being so brave to even walk out in the street and tell us their stories. The Russians bombed their house, played Russian roulette with surrendering civilians trying to get to safety. They aimed machine guns and started shooting wildly at everything that moved, old, young, mothers with babies, it didn’t matter. They were there purely to murder and loot. Those who got to go back to what was left of their homes found nothing but trash, broken bottles and all their valuables stolen. Down to the underwear and grandchildren soccer shoes, the russian invaders took it all. This is what’s happening in Ukraine today. As the Ukrainians successfully push back the occupiers, the sound of joy quickly also turns to grief and eventually a need for healing. For wherever Russia has been, wherever they are, there is an unprecedented amount of war crimes, terror and destruction. You will see and hear these stories, and I beg you to listen, even though it hurts, but Ukrainians are paying a lot for what we may take for granted, and they need our strength and support more than ever, both now and during the aftermath and recovery! #СлаваУкраїні#Героямслава

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