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Why I am in Ukraine during a war

We all have a responsibility in standing up against evil, when we see harm and pain being inflicted on others. We have a responsibility to show up in times of need and use whatever we have to do the right thing. We have a responsibility when it comes to being on the right side of history, to fight the good fight next to those who are forced to defend everything they have including their homes, their life, the past, present and future of their country as well as the identity of their nation. I'm not a soldier, not a politician or in a position to make any big changes in this world,but I do have a background in journalism and media production, I do have a platform and a network of people. And like everyone, I do have a voice, and while it might not be so loud on its own, it sure can help send a strong message when united with others. That is why my choice has been to go to Ukraine and work here covering the war, document the heroic fight of these amazing people, amplify the voices that really needs to be heard and do whatever I can to make sure people don't forget what is going on here, make sure that the headlines don't fade and that the support don't stop. Ukraine needs us more than and even if we think we only have a little, a little can go a long way when we put it all together.

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