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The reality of War

I don't think i have to add a lot of words to this post. i feel like this video probably speaks for itself, but i can give a better explanation of what we see here. After the russian troops pulled away from the northern front, what was left was complete destruction. russian troops looted, destroyed, bombed and burned almost everything around here. Bucha, Irpin. Hostomel, the devastation here is impossible to comprehend. Every building you see are either without a roof or a wall, have black residue from smoke out from every opening. There is broken glass everywhere because almost every window you see is blown out. We talk to people, some have lost their homes, some are trying to rebuild, almost all of them have lost a loved one or have a loved one on the front lines. It's not just buildings here that have been destroyed. So many lives have been broken, families torn apart. There's so much grief, still more than anything, there is unity and resilience. I've never experienced strength like this. I never knew people could be this strong and still after all they have been through, come together and give faith in humanity. And i truly hope that when this war is over, and Ukraine is victorious, that people still remember that even when they win, Ukraine have lost a lot, and will still need our help and support, as much as possible, to rebuild what has been broken.

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