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Lights out in Ukraine

It feels like autumn barely touched us, before she left again. And we are now left with a biting cold shoulder from the second last month of the year.

Nevertheless it’s a nice shoulder to lean on, fresh air and trees that still stand steady with their yellow leafs reaching towards the blue sky. Just like the flag. It’s a beautiful representation.

Motivation is still strong, hope still lives on every corner, but boy did it get cold. We live without electricity, heating and water for the majority of the day. The porches has become a secondary refrigerators, Our basement and bomb shelter has bags of mittens and woolen socks now, sleeping bags for winter and battery operated lanterns.

In the villages, several people still live with broken windows and holes in their walls, we are pushing forward to rebuild and recover before the white blanket of winter lays down, stressed by the constant reminder hanging over our head; we can get hit again.

The terror sometimes seems never ending, and no matter how incredible our defenders are, every air raid stand to be a reminder, you can never be to sure of what will happen next. If I’ve learned anything so far from my days here in Ukraine, at the center of a war, among the bravest of them all, when faced with the worst of humanity, they thought me the best; through loss, pain, grief and under constant threats and terror, Ukraine have thought me more about unity and human resilience than I ever thought possible. Nothing can stop someone that is fighting for everything.

And Ukraine keeps fighting, not just for everything of their own, but for all of us, yet it sometimes feels like the world jumped on the train together with time and just passed by. But I hope in your pocket of memories there’s also a tiny little pin, that sometimes pokes your finger and reminds you that this war is still not over. And while you give thanks on thanksgiving, buy presents for Christmas, kiss your loved ones at midnight wishing them a happy new year, please also share whatever you have to spare of support to the people of Ukraine and help them win this fight and recover all that already have been stolen from them. •

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